LED Window Sign Super Bright LED Message Center 4 x 36

LED Window Sign Super Bright LED Message Center 4 x 36
  • 1 Serial cable for RS232 communication
  • 1 User’s Manual
  • 1 30-Day trial software CD
  • 1 set of wall mounting bracket
  • Anything Display LED scrolling message center options give you a superior quality LED electronic message display at extremely affordable prices! Anything Display scrolling message displays feature single color, high brightness, or tri-color LED message boards which can display up to 16 true colors. Our one line LED indoor scrolling message boards are easily programmable with the included hand-held keyboard or, on many LED Displays, a PC software programming option. Our two line scrolling LED message boards are available in three or four color options and display both text and graphics. Our indoor/outdoor, or semi-outdoor, scrolling LED message signs are great for wall mounting outside your establishment but should always be mounted under an overhang and not be subjected to direct water incursion. Our indoor and indoor/outdoor LED scrolling message boards range in size from the very small 1" x 10 Character XP 1010 up to the 9" x 20 character KW1218 semi-outdoor unit offering up to 900 feet of viewing distance in single line mode. All of our scrolling LED message boards incorporate an ultra thin design to illuminate your sales copy, advertising message, information, or promotional graphics easily and effectively. The economic, cost effective, energy efficient LED scrolling message center, or LED electronic moving message board, utilizes the latest LED technology, provides long life, is energy efficient, and, while designed for use in commercial environments, can be used commercially or for personal use in the home, as a directory in churches or community centers, or to announce upcoming events.. LED technology is a low power consumption, low voltage form of illumination, offering a safer product and saving you, or your company, money and allowing you to operate in a “green” climate minimizing your impact on the globe and your local environment. Our LED scrolling message centers utilize hand-held keyboard programming allowing you to easily, and effectively, create, store, and schedule multiple messages. It couldn’t be any easier. With no tools required for programming, super simple installation, and top notch support. Our affordable, cost effective, low energy, environmentally conscious LED message board is one of the best choices available, at low prices, for LED scrolling message displays.


    • Retail Stores
    • Shopping Centers
    • Churches
    • Parking Booths
    • Convention Centers
    • Conference Rooms
    • Employee Lounges
    • Waiting areas
    • Restuarants
    • Customer Service Centers
    • Call Centers
    • Barber Shops
    • Beauty Salons
    • Auto Dealerships
    • Airports
    • Factories
    • Schools
    • Banks
    • Car Dealers
    • Hotels

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