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LED Clocks and Counters

LED Clocks and Counters for Industrial Use

2.25" Character Height, Analog to Digital DisplayThis Bright 2.25", 4 digit, single sided display (double sided available) will receive an analog signal input such as temperature, speed, or weight, and convert it to a digital signal for LED display. This unit includes complete instructions, mou..
Industrial, Manufacturing, or Retail LED 4 Digit Up Counter, 2 inch This four digit up-counter increments by one from “0” to “9999”. A terminal strip is provided to wire two customer-supplied, contact closure inputs for counting and reset to 0. Either a “wet” or “dry” contact can be used. The unit..
2.25"Character, Industrial Up-Timer Increase Your Productivity With Our Counter Sign, Industrial Up Timer LED Display - Offered With a 1-Year Limited Warranty A conventional timer that displays real-time information to your customers and employees is not only functional but looks stylish and p..
8" RS232 or RS422/485/Ethernet/Modem Serial Input Counter  RS232 OR RS422/485/Ethernet/Modem controllable Bar Segment, Dot Matrix Counter Select from 64 Addresses and 9 Baud rates Standard ASCII Protocol Multi-drop networking Large Red, Amber, or Green LEDs (Red standard) 4 - 16 digits..
Industrial, Manufacturing, or Retail LED 4 Digit Up/Down Counter, 2 1/4 inch Display real-time production information to your employees or customers. The display will up-count or down-count by one when a customer-supplied on/off switch is activated. A seperate momentary swit..
2.25" RS232 Serial Input Numerical Display  These indoor or outdoor RS232 serial input LED displays can receive data via a PC / PLC. Standard ASCII protocol. Each digital serial display is addressable.DESCRIPTION: • 4 Digit serial interface display with RS-232 input. • Field-s..
Pulse Rate Counter Ideal for monitoring belt speed, production line or any device where speed is a concern.A standard four-digit counter that detects input impulses for rate per second, minute, hour or days. Ideal to monitor line speed! Six to twelve digits available.The unit has..
Takt Rate/Time Counter Takt time indicates a pace or rate of manufacturing matched to customer demand. Takt time is used in lean manufacturing to align production time to demand where there are linked manufacturing processes. For example, advance by 3 every 10 seconds, advance by 1 every minute.&nbs..
2.25" RS485 Serial Input Numerical Display  Display real-time production information to your employees or customers. The display will receive anRS422/RS485 data signal from a PC / PLC and update the unit using standard ASCII protocol. A terminal block inside the display allows wiring.&nbs..
2.25"Character, Industrial Up/Down TimerA 4-digit up and/or down timer with internal timing in MM:SS (minutes-seconds) or HH:MM (hours-minutes) format standard. Other time formats available. The display is preset via thumbwheel switches on the endplate or keypad remote (optional). A customer su..
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